Fountain Show

Water Show Extravaganza

Take your seats for the breathtakingly beautiful performance of lights, music and fountains in the famous underground Water Show Extravaganza.

Fountain Show

Built originally for the Festival Of Great Britain, and now home at Watermouth Castle.  We display 1000 jets of water and lights synchronised to music.

The Mighty Mortier Organ built by Theo Mortier in the 1920’s is a thing of beauty.  So grand is the Mortier, we had to lower it through the ceiling by crane!

Fountain Show1

Technically known as a ‘Mortier 101 Key’, the organ contains over 500 pipes and reeds.   The organ utilises a Punch card system, similar to that of a player piano roll (but considerably more robust) to select the sequences for the music, water and lights.  This provides a perfectly synchronised and spectacular display, only at Watermouth Castle.

Fountain Show 1

Feel free to sing along, clap your hands, stamp your feet or whatever takes your fancy…

Watermouth Castle Gardens

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