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Introducing... Hobbledown Bay!

8th May 2024

Step inside Watermouth Castle’s brand-new adventure play village – Hobbledown Bay!

The hobblers have landed in Devon… and brought with them a whole world of fun!

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Hobbledown Bay


Get ready for an enchanting journey into a world of exploration and adventure as Watermouth Castle prepares to unveil its latest addition: Hobbledown Bay.

The village is a sprawling wonderland of towers, castles, huts, bridges, slides and nets where kids can enjoy endless hours of exploration and roleplay. For example, step into a world where mischievous little folk run underfoot in the Pixie Roleplay Village, or get hands-on in the sandpits and splashing water of the Mining Village.

Nestled within the Castle grounds, these magical outdoor play areas are designed to spark creativity and imagination – creating the ultimate magical day out for kids.

And you can come and be among the first to experience it, on the 21st of May, 2024 - tickets for the event are for only £10! Get them while they last...

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Hobbledown and the Escapade Group


The new area marks the first arrival of the Hobbledown style of play village to Devon. Watermouth Castle was acquired by the Escapade Group in early 2023, and Hobbledown Bay is just one part of a £1.2 million investment into the site.

With two other existing sites located in Epsom and Hounslow, the Hobbledown family is defined by its groundbreaking style of explorative play, with themed towers, roleplaying castles and tunnels galore. At Hobbledown, children are invited to enter into a fantasy world where imagination comes to life.

Escapade Group founder Nick de Candole said: "From the moment my business partner and I walked into Watermouth Castle we knew we wanted to be part of its history and the next stage of its development. The Haines family did an amazing job during their ownership of the Castle and we hope our plans will help cement its future. Our team has been very busy over the winter months to help bring some of these plans to fruition and we hope our guests enjoy the changes."

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Other Improvements to the Castle


Other new additions to the site include the Fairy Museum, opened in March 2024, which invites guests to uncover the secret magical history of Watermouth Castle. This fictional museum is a wonderland of leaves, crystals, spyglasses, potions, mushrooms, mirrors, and much more. Step into a world where magic is real, pixies scurry among the shelves, and fairies flutter overhead.

Alongside the new play areas, visitors can also look forward to exploring the four newly-renovated castle apartments. These apartments are a form of self-catering accommodation, which lets guests stay within the walls of the Grade II Listed Castle. The Big River ride is also being transformed, with new animatronics and boats.

Wider landscaping works including the installation of bird and bat boxes and the planting of trees will further enhance the Castle's natural beauty and wildlife habitat.

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The Tides of Watermouth: A Children’s Fantasy Novel


Also new for 2024 is The Tides of Watermouth – our new tie-in children's storybook, written and illustrated by E. B. Davies, telling the tale of how the hobblers came to Devon.

Go back in time to 1912, and meet Edith Penderford: the only daughter of kooky Professor P. Penderford, a daydreamer, and friend to the fairies. When her smuggler friend Littlejohn arrives in Watermouth Harbour with a mysterious package, she’s about to be thrust into a world of magic and adventure.

A tale of fairies, hobblers, sailboats, smugglers, forest spirits, and so much more…