New! Scare at Watermouth Castle

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Not suitable for under 12s or wheelchair users.

Under 16's must have an accompanying adult.

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A haunted castle with a twisted maze of horrors

Get ready to be spooked! Watermouth Castle is thrilled to announce its hair-raising Halloween scare event. There's a mix of everything, from thrills and chills to laugh out loud moments. Suitable for horror lovers, thrill seekers, and all those who love a good fright…

Journey through themed scare areas populated with live actors in costume. With bone-chilling attractions and heart-pounding experiences, this event is not for the faint of heart. Join us if you dare for a night of spine-tingling fun, and unforgettable scares.

Not suitable for under 12's or wheelchair users. Under 16's must have an accompanying adult.

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Limited time only £20pp


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    Cursed Forest

    Imagine a bone-chilling woodland trail where the haunting howls of wolves echo through the trees, the eerie clank of chains reverberates in the distance, and gnarled branches hang ominously overhead. This spine-tingling path is not for the faint of heart, with unexpected jump scares and moments of eerie humor that offer brief, unsettling relief from the relentless suspense.

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    Carnival of Clowns

    This twisted fairground is a nightmarish spectacle of horrifying circus acts, and maniacal laughter echoing through the darkness. Every corner reveals a new terror, making it a macabre carnival of pure dread.

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    The Mad Maze

    Beware: a gang of undead scarecrows has come to life, now roaming the twisted paths of the castle’s maze in search of their next victim... you! As you navigate the labyrinth, prepare for spine-chilling jump scares adding a twisted laughter to the terror.

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    Voodoo Valley

    Embark on a harrowing journey down the river of restless spirits, but be wary of joining the legion of lost souls forever trapped on its murky waters. Prepare for eerie encounters and spine-tingling moments that will keep you on the edge of your seat, as the river unveils its chilling mysteries.

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    The Haunted Castle

    When the castle doors slam closed, you’ll find yourself trapped in a hellscape of cobwebs, cursed animatronics, haunted robots – Only the bravest will dare to complete their journey with a descent into the bowels of the castle itself – the demented dungeon…

Scare Staff Needed....

We need enthusiastic, paid actors and volunteers to help make it a screaming success! Join us as Scary Maze Actors, Freaky Clowns, Dungeon Demons, Set Designers, or Makeup Artists. You’ll bring the frights to life with chilling attractions and eerie performances. There are roles for everyone; scare captains to lead a small team, professional actors and am drammers who fancy themselves as the next Hopkins with some Fava Beans and a nice Chianti to first-time freaks who just fancy the idea of scaring the pants off the public!