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Guests, please note:

  • Due to an accident beyond our control, the staircase shortcut leading from the castle exit up to the car park is currently out of use. We apologise for any inconvenience.

  • The natural topology and structure of the grounds means only a small portion of the site is suitable for those with impaired  mobility.
  • Rides operate all day on Saturdays and Sundays, but may close early Mondays to Fridays. 
  • The Toboggan ride costs an additional fee - £2.50 for two turns. Due to the popularity of the toboggan it is strongly recommended that you book your toboggan session online in advanced whilst booking your admission tickets to avoid disappointment.  
  • Dogs are welcome! Only friendly, well-behaved dogs are allowed, and they must be on leads at all times. Dogs are not permitted in play areas, on rides or in food and drink areas.​ Dog owners are responsible for their dogs' behaviour at all times and for clearing away any waste into the bins provided.
  • Pushchairs are permitted throughout the site, except for inside the Castle due to fire regulations. We operate a pushchair valet service and our team will assist you on arrival. 
  • Arcade Machines - Should you want to play our antique arcade coin operated machines, please bring cash with you on your visit. Please ensure that children are supervised so that the correct coins are used to protect the delicate structures inside the antique machines.